Top Online Forex Trading Brokers – And Why You Should Choose Them.

Some Good ForexTrading Brokers if You Want to Start Trading Forex, Metals and Stocks

If you Google on Forex Brookers you will find a lot, and if you not know anything about the market can make it very difficult to choose a broker. A good Forex Broker should offer 24/5 live chat support, free educational resources on their respective website but also daily analysic, more than one trading platform.

Lite Forex


Lite Forex

Founded in 2005 to make the Forex market accessible, sage, easy and profitable for you anywhere in the world. Lite Forex is one of the leading brokerage compainies uniting traders of different levels from all over the world. Lite Forex is one the list of top 100 compaines according to World Finance.


Lite Forex offers 4 different account types:

  • CENT – After you have been trading on a demo account and gettin on well and want to start making real profits you have this opportunity with Lite Forex. A Cent Account is the best way to be involved into the world of real trading and earn your first profit. A cent account will provide you with a better understanding of the psyckology of trading since it has been developed for thos who have just taken up Forex Trading. At the same time, these accounts minimize trading risks as deposite are denominated in cents. Leverage 1:1000, Minimum Deposit: 10, Deposit Bonus: 30%
  • CLASSIC – When you are ready to step into the real world of Forex Trading. You have this opportunity with Lite Forex. A real Forex account  with floating spreads starting from 1.8 points has been developed for those who value traditions, reliablility and stability. This type of account has been designed for the traders who have a huge trading experience and well-established views about the market. Leverage 1:500, Minimum Deposit: $50, Deposite Bonus: 30%
  • SOCIAL TRADING – Discover the world of successful trading by copying traders or become an example to follow. The automated copy-trading system Social Trading will allow you to dublicate the best trades, trade independently, share information and communicate with your traders. Take advantage of successful traders’ experience or share your own success with others through the copy-trading system. Depending on your goals, choose the role that really suits you and achieve your objetives! Social Trading is great for you who wants to make money trading forex but don’t have enough experience.
  • ECN – is a unique e-technology for Forex Traders with no broker intervention. ECN broker is a kind of platform where a trader’s each order is matched with an opposite order either within the company or at the broker’s contractor. Minimum Deposit: $50.

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Trading Platforms:

  • Meta Trader 4 – Meta Trader 4 is a popular analytical trading platform intended for working on the Forex Market and stock/precious metals/futures markets. Lite Forex’s clients can download the Meta Trader 4 trading terminal and its mobile applications.
  • Meta Trader 5 – Meta Trader 5 is a new version of the popular trading platform that possesses increased functionality and an enlarged set of tools. The section provides not only the distribution kit of the MT5 platform for a desktop computer, but also the MT5 mobile application for iPhone®.
  • Meta Trader 4 Webterminal – LiteForex presents to you an advanced trading platform MetaTrader 4 WebTerminal based on HTML5. You do not need to download this trading platform; however, it will enable you to perform one-click trading. WebTerminal has intuitive interface; it is adaptable, which will allow you to trade in any browser, using any operating system.


Why Lite Forex?

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The goal of RoboForex is to provide quality services at the international Forex exchange market. RoboForex have a great variety of Forex Trading Accounts – from Micro Cent accounts for beginners to professional ECN accounts – a convenient Members Area, trading terminals Meta Trader4, Meta Trader5, cTrader and WebTrader, and a wide range of trading instruments. Just give the orders and leave everything else to RoboForex!

Why choose RoboForex?

RoboForex is an internetional forex broker, financial group, which in a short period of time has become one of the leaders in providing services on financial markets.

  • RoboForex offers excellent conditions for successful trading
  • RoboForex is a member of international regulators and protects the clients’ rights
  • RoboForex provides professional services on Forex Market
  • RoboForex is the quality recognized worldwide


RoboForex Trading Account Types and Conditions

RoboForex is offering its clients quality order execution, different account types and convenient services to manage them. The unique trading conditions through MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 and cTrader trading platforms, WebTrader web terminal, iPhone Trader and Android Trader mobile terminals allow you make full use of the internet trading.

  • Cent Accounts Fix-Cent: No minimum deposit, instant execution, fixed spreads from 2 points, maximum leverage; 1:1000, Minimum order volume; 0.01, Tradable deposit bonus: up to 50%, Classic deposite bonus: up to 115%.
    No minimum deposit, market execution, floating spreads from 0.4 points. Maximum leverage; 1:1000, Minimum order volume: 0.1, Tradable deposit bonus up to 50%, Classic deposite bonus: up to 115%
  • Standard Accounts – Fix-Standard: No minimum deposite, instant execution, fixed spreads from 2 points, Maximum leverage; 1:1000, Minimum order volume; 0.01, Tradable deposite bonus: up to 50%, Classic deposite bonus: up to 115%.
    Pro-Standard: No minimum deposite, market execution, floating spreads from 0.4 points, Maximum leverage; 1:1000, Minimum order volume; 0.01, Tradable deposite bonus: up to 50%, Classic deposite bonus: up to 115%.
  • ECN Accounts – ECN-Pro NDD: No minimum deposite, Commission for 1 million USD of trading volume; 20 UDS, market execution, floating spreads fom 0 points, Maximum leverage; 1:300, Minimum order volume; 0.01, “Rebates (Cashback)” service; up to 15% of commission, no Tradable deposite bonus, no Classic deposite bonus.
    ECN-FixSpread NDD: No minimum deposite, no commission for 1 million USD of trading volume, Market Execution, Fixed spreads from 1.6 points, Maximum leverage; 1:300, Minimum order volume; 0.01, “Rebates (Cashback)” service; up to 15% of commission, no Tradable deposite bonus, no Classic deposite bonus.


RoboForex Trading Platforms:

  • MetaTrader 4 – 6 different MetaTrader 4 platforms including MT4 MultiTerminal
  • MetaTrader 5 – 3 different MetaTrader 5 platforms including WebTrader
  • cTrader – 3 different cTrader platforms including cTrader Web and Mobile
  • Umstel – for Stock Trading


RoboForex Analytics Center

RoboForex provides its clients with free access to the complete set of analytical tools necessary for successful trading on the Forex Market.

  • Analytical reviews newsfeed
  • Technical indicator signals
  • Video analytics
  • Calendar of macroeconomic events and statistics
  • Educational content
  • Tools
  • Online chat with an analyst


You can take part in RoboForex webinars after the registration, complete free of charge. In case of successful registration, a message will be sent to the email address, which you used during the registration. After that you can participate in the webinar at the specified time by clicking “Join Now”.


RoboForex offer a wide range in education

  • Forex trading – 17 lessons
  • Market Analysis – 11 lessons
  • Forex Strategies – 10 lessons
  • MT4 – 9 lessons
  • CFD’s – 6 lessons
  • Stocks – 8 lessons
  • Trading Cental – 3 lessons
  • Forex eBooks 
  • Stock eBooks
  • CFD eBooks
  • Glossary
  • Signals
  • Traders Live
  • Technical Indicators – 3 lessons


Here is why you should chose RoboForex as your Forex Broker!

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Forex4You is a brand of  E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. (the Company) and is providing foreign exchange brokerage services on the internet. Forex4You’s mission is to provide the best online service in the Forex Market in terms of “low investment requirements and quality” for tetail clients. Using the latest technologies and cooperating with leading trading software development compaines, Forex4You encourages traders’ development and strives to provide the fastest No Dealing Desk (NDD) access to the interbank market.

Why Forex4You?

Forex4You are guided by the following core values:

  • Honesty 
  • Competence
  • Innovation
  • International Mindset
  • Long-Term Partnership


Forex4You’s Trading Account Types and Conditions:

Forex4You offers a wide choice of trading features for beginners and professionals, including six different types of live forex accounts, 100 financial instruments and both dealing-desk and no-dealing-desk execution.
Opening a live forex trading account with Forex4You is easy!

  • Cent Accounts – are a great way to learn forex trading. Make trades for as little as two cents, ain experience working with real money, and learn how you react to live trading situations. Cent accounts are also perfect for experienced traders who want to try out new strategies, advisors and indicators; Forex4You even offer no-dealing-desk trading with the Cent NDD accounts.
  • Classic Accounts – are the most popular accounts, and offer dealing-desk execution for established traders. Make trades from 1/100th of a lot up to 200 lots with a Classic account. You can trade in dollars or euros.
  • Pro STP Accounts – Get market execution with Pro STP account, and execute orders in 0.4 seconds. Variable spreads from 0 pips, one-click trading and level 2 quotes for visibility of market depth. Design for scalpers & robots. Market execution with no requotes and no limit & stop levels.
  • PAMM Trader Accounts – If you have good experience of trading forex. Do you want to mange money from other investors to make more profit for them and for yourself? a PAMM Trader account lets you to do exactly that. A PAMM Traer account makes it possible to manage one or several investo founds. It’s a partnership where an investor brings the capital to be invested and the trader brings the time and the expertise to manage the investments.
  • PAMM Investor Accounts – With the huge size of the forex market, the opportunities for making money are limitless. No matter whether currencies are moving up or down, profitable deals are always possible. However, successful trading means having the time necessary to understant the market and to make the trades. But what if there was a way to successfully invest in forex without that time and effort? Thre is a way! – It’s called PAMM Investment.



Share4You By Forex4You

Trading in Forex has never been so simple – copy orders from successful traders and earn! You’re just a few clicks away from starting to generate income by following and copying trading signals from professional traders. You do not need trading terminal or VPS server.

Instatantly copying what another Forex Trader does

Use this service to copy a successful trader. When the trader buys or sells, that order is then immediately copied in your account too. You get the same result as the trader.

By making use of the experience of other traders, you earn income by copying how they buy and sell. You can choose to copy more than one other trader and you can decide how much you want to copy. That also means you don’t have to continually watch prices to see when to trade – just choose the automatic copy service to follow and copy the trader(s) of your choice.

Technical Analysis

To make profits trading currencies, you need to predict whether the market will go up or down. Technical analysis is one of the key ways of doing this, along with other techniques such as fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis provides deep insights into market behavior. Technical indicators are calculated from recent market data, and are then plotted over time. These chart contain signals that show what the market is likely to do; traders use these signals to decide when to buy or sell.

Trading Central – is an independent analytic company. They have created and using a unique technical analysis, which is based on years of researches and developments.

Technical Analysis from trading Central includes:

  • A chartist approach to assess directional moves and price targets
  • Mathematical indicators to confirm initial thoughts and fine tune timings
  • Japanese candlestick to cinform trends reversal or acceleration
  • 6 major currency pairs, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAS, AUD/USD


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InstaForex priority is to provide the wide range of service to every customer at any stage of work from new account registration to money withdraw.

InstaForex traders have access to a great variety of financial tools numbered more than 300. Traders can set leverage within the range from 1:1 to 1:1000, trade with swaps or seap-free, with spreads or commissions.

InstaForex team are the professionals highly skilled in financijal consulting, legal backing and dealing operations.

Account Types

Each type of account offered by InstaForex represents a universal trading tool that helps to work on international financial markets. Regardless of the chosen account type, you will have access to every trading symbol available, when working with InstaForex.

In order to help traders to create a successful trading strategy two account types were developed by InstaForex Dealer Department secialists. Trading accounts’ types differ by method of account spreads and commissions, which are picked by the trader opening an account.

  • Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts – Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica account types are developed for beginning traders and oriented to those clients who just learn to trade, and for this purpose they need access to the minimal possible trade volume. Micro Forex is available with the lot volume of 0.0001 of the market lot (the lot price is 0.1 US cents) and allows practicing almost without any risk fro deposit. This type of account will suit well those who want to test trading strategies with minimal risks using the trade advantage of 0.0001 lot.
  • Insta.Standard Trading Accounts – These types of accounts are relevant for standard trading terms on Forex market and function without fees. Once a trader gets access to all trading instuments he/she pays a fixed spread setting a trade. The main advantage of this type of account is its universality, as often a trader can change the trading leverage and work with a deposit size convenient for him/her. The features of the account allow trading with Micro Forex – minimum deposit $1-10, Mini Forex – minimum deposti $100, and Standard Forex – minimum deposit $1000.
  • Insta.Eurica Trading Accounts – The account of this type does not require any spread to be paid at opening a trade. For most currency instruments of Insta.Eurica account type zero spreads are applied. This account type is recommended for newbies because it is not necessary to take into consideration the spread in case of pending orders usage: a pending order is executed right when the price reach it value if the spread equals to 0. Aside from the fact that Insta.Eurica accounts allow the newbies to get the hang of the market using a simpler system of trades conduction, this account type can be aslo used by professional traders, because its trade characteristics are the same of Ista.Standard account type.

Minimal Trade Size

The size limitation of the minimal trade equals to 1 lot ($1 per pip) for accounts of Standard and Eurica types with balance over $100,000 or its equivalent in other currencies.

Overwiev of the different acount types:

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