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Jul 24

Profitable Forex Strategies and Techniques

Forex Strategies and Techniques for Traders This article is mostly for people that already know what the Forex market is and at least the basic concepts. If you have no clue ablout what this market is or you have never heard about it, read my article About Forex first. The Forex market is huge. It is a Read More

Jun 02

The Biggest Change to Forex Since the Euro!

A Forex Strategy that works! Have you heard of Vladimir Ribakov has released a real geme changer….?? A product so powerful that its being dubbed “the biggest change to Forex since the Euro”. And a product that is going to make lots of people very rich (me included). In a minute I’ll shaare it with you, but first I Read More

May 20

Rules of Forex Trading

The 7 Undeniable rules of trading forex There are 7 rules of Forex Trading, that have been approved by a number of full time and successful traders, and therefore you should not ignore these rules if you want to become a successful forex trader. It is easy to be caught up in the heat of Read More

Mar 07

The Difference of Trading Mini Lots Vs. Full-sized Lots in Forex

Should you trade Mini Lots of Full Size Lots? In Forex Trading there is something called a Mini Account and it uses a different leverage calcution than a regular (100k) account. This is, instead of trading full size currency lots (100,000 units), you will trade in lots that are just 1/10 the size (10,000 currency units), Read More

Feb 02

Advantage of Having a “Built-in” Forex Strategy Simulator

Why you should test your strategy Anyone that is committed and serious about trading forex knows that you must test your strategy before you go”live” with it. Of course you could do the “kamikaze approach” and learn as you go….. but we all know how that ends up 99% of the time: depleted accounts and piles Read More

Jan 06

About Forex

The Foreign Exchange Market is international and worldwide and Forex trading refers to trading of currencies from different countries agains each other. With over USD 2000 billion trading per day, Forex is the biggest market in the wold. The market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to accommodate all of the time Read More