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Before you start Trading Forex you must learn as much as you can about the trading market and how it works, if not it will just end up you are losing all you money.
Non of the systems, softwares or training education I present below is a guarantee that you will make money and not losing all you money. Trading Forex is always at you own risk. But of course I hope that you will learn a lot and making some good money.
Never risk more than you can lose!


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Forex Triple BForex Triple B

The man behind Forex Triple B is Vladimir Ribakov. He has been a professional trader for almost 15 years and have experience of all types of traders. Thousands of traders worldwide owe him their financial success, and he has a public record of providing over 30,000 pips to his followers.

ForexTripleB is a 1-Click Trading System that will change everything you’ve thought about Forex trading. Works on Metatrader 4 platform and analyzes the markets 24/5. It can be applied on any combination of timeframes and currency pairs. Once it identifies a profitable trade setup, after confirming the other requirements are met, it generates and alert. The Template will load onto your chart everything you need to trade with the Triple B software.

Triple B has 5 built in filters in addition to the core strategy:

  1. Price within Zone – visual representation of the buy/sell entry zone in color.
  2. Risk: Reward – set your desired risk: reward ration and never worry about it anymore. The software will automatically calculate it for you.
  3. Higher time frame divergence – depending on your higher time frame selection, the software will scan for divergences in the direction you want to trade. This filter is extremely powerful!
  4. No opposite Divergence – identifying opposite divergences is just as important. The software will take care of it for your automatically.
  5. Current Time Frame Divergence – to ensure maximal safety the Forex Triple B will check for divergences on the current time frame as well.


Be Your Own Financial Manager. No one will take care of your finances as well as you are, once you are given the right tools and knowledge to do so. The Forex Triple B is about automated control so it will never place a trade without your consent. The software alerts you in real time once a profitable trade has been recognized, and you don’t need to analyze the charts to determine if a trade signal is valid. But, we believe the decisions to click yes should be yours.

Watch the Forex Triple B 2.0 in Action!




sRs Trend Rider 2.0My Best Kept Secret to Ride Trends and Extract 100-200 pips Per Day

sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is the world’s first and most profitable Forex Hybrid-Strategy and is definitely worth more than any product in the market today. sRs Trend Rider 2.0 is pratically the only product in the Forex market with live proof from real customers over the span of 6 years!

For the first time ever, the strength of a sophisticated Forex Robot is combined with a market tested automated Blueprint to produce a 99% automated strategy that simply cannot lose. No more analysing the charts, no more searching for the right market conditions, no more verifying strateg conditions manually! The sRs Trend Rider 2.0 automates this process for you. The only thing you are left to di is execute the trades and count your winning trades thanks to these invaluable new features:

  • sRs Dashboard – Displays a visual signal that summarizes the trading rules. Get a clear, simple call to action sign instead of scruitinizing the charts, analysing techincal indicators and verifying trade setups manually as on sRs Trend Rider 1.0
  • Forex Index Indicator – Higher timeframes scanner. This tool scans the higher timeframe for you to ensure top accuracy and trend detection.
  • The sRs Control Panel – Forget about manually managing your trades according to the strict trade management rules. To somplify the process of opening and managing the orders they have created an extremely easy to use trade panel
  • New! sRs Scanner Easily trade as many charts as you want while keping only one chart open. This new addition makes trading multiple chart extremely simple and efficient.
  • Email & Mobile Phone Notification – From now on receive instanttrade alert via e-mail and mobile phone.
  • Customized Trades for Conservative and for Aggressive Traders – No more deliberating on whether a specific signal meets your trading preferences. sRs Trend Rider 2.0 generates separate alers for conservative and for aggressive trade setups.

So far the system was geared towards traders who have the time and energy to learn the strategy rules and to follow the charts for 30 minutes a day. Now sRs Trend Rider 2.0 does 99% of the work – All you need to do is push a button and profit!

Here is why you should Take Action Now!

  • Snatch 3,600 pips per monthe from just 2 currency pairs
  • Protect your profits with Automatic Risk and Money Management Rules using the now automated Trade Panel.
  • Make money in roaring bull rallies or heart-stopping bear reversals – It doesn’t matter because you still make money.
  • Unchain yourself from your computer – you will make all the money you will ever need and you no longer need to stare at the screen for 30 minutes a day.
  • Stop worrying about making the right decision – the proven pip snatching algorithm is build right into the strategy.
  • Finally you can ignore the conflicting gibberish from so-called Forex experts. Now you can quietly and quickly make money with a push of a buttom.

The best thing with sRs Trend Rider is that it doesn’t matter if you are a trading rookie who’s never invested a dollar in your life or an advanced trader! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made money in the Forex market, hate computers, or can barely do basic math. It is incredibly simple to make money on the Forex market if you have this tool!


Forex Strategies Divergence UniversityDivergence University – by Vladimir Ribakov

The #1 Forex Home Study Course – Period!
Vladimirs’s trading seminars in Europe were very successful and were fully booked within days since opening the registration. The result was a massive bestseller! The Divergence University teaching platform includes progressive video lessons, alongside pratices, quizzes and exams. Divergence trading is an effective method that Forex Traders should implement as their main or as an additional trading method, both beginners and advanced traders.

Here are some of the Divergence University Course Highlights:

  • Become a master trader in 6 unique courses
  • Over 25 hours of comprehensive tutorials in HD video!
  • Practice and self-exams ensuring you become an expert
  • Control speed according to your personal pace
  • Customized and unique divergence trading tools
  • Iphone/Ipad/Android compatibility
  • Time to invest per day: 1 hour/daily or less, adapter to your time constraints

The Divergence University Home Study Program is a complete course created from scratch. Anyone who traded with real money in their account, even for a short while, realized that it is not as easy as it might seem, or not as easy as some online gurus try to portray it as. Some of the world’s top traders use divergences since it provides them with unique insight into the underlying forces that drive the market, forces hidden from the rest or the crowd. When certain types of divergences occur, they reveal mistakes in price action. And when the market realizes prices are wrong, the market quickly and ciolent fixes it. You want to be in before the market realizes the mistakes, and that’s where the power of divergences is. Divergences are tricky to spot and identify, and even more tricky to teach the computer how to spot them! Yes, there are some divergence indicators around the net, but they mostly are not enough.

There are many ways to trade divergences, but the basic idea is the same:

  • Identify an extreme area;
  • Confirm on a higher time frame;
  • Get you OK from the indicators;
  • – and you have a great setup –

During the courses of Divergence University, you will learn to be a master in every step of the way. You’ll develop an amazing feeling for the right moment to enter and exit a trade, and how to control both you analysis and your trading psychology.

During the Divergence University Home Study Course you will learn more than 6 Forex Trading Strategies based on Divergence Systems:

  • The Regular Divergence Method:This is teh Clasic way to trade divergence with only one powerful technical tool. The strategy you will learn here is simple to learn and master but yet, very accurate and profitable in itself.
  • The Hidden Devergence Method: This strategy is built on a combination of two devergences and it is the perfect one for trend traders. In this method they focus on counter trading and trend trading at the same time.
  • The Countinuing Divergence Method: See this strategy as a ‘Set and Forget’ style trading. It is preferred by those who like swing trading.
  • The Extreme Divergence Method: This system covers rare types of divergences in the market.
  • The Bollinger Bands Dublication and Riding Methods: For this course they have build a special indicator which you will get as part of the course materials. You will learn how to use this indicator in two technical ways. In that part of the course you will see that tctics and methods that no one else will ever share with you. Vladimire’s seminars students are always overwhelmed when he teach them these methods.
  • The Fibonacci Divergance Method: This method is Vladimir’s traders’ favorite and considered one of the most exciting. You will cover the most significant Fibonacci levels which, when used in combination with Divergence, will leave you excited as well.
  • The Secrets No. 3 Filter: They will also cover some amazing filters in particular the Secret No. 3. With these filters they will learn how to avoid bad enteris even when using divergence and how not to enter too early.
  • The Divergence Home Study Course is not going to conventrate only on the list above. This Forex course will give you much wider understanding about divergences so, when you reach the point where you are learning these strategies, you will be well prepared to observe them and use them.

Forex Divergence University