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What is a Forex Robot? A forex robot also called Expert AdvisorEA, is a software that trades for you fully or partially automated. Most forex robots are installed on Metatrader 4 platform. Finding a good forex robot is not always so easy and there are a lot of scams out there. I have been using a forex robot for some years not it has never made a loss, but it is not always so and if you purchase a scam robot you will probably ending up loosing all your money. Recomended therefore is to test your robot on an account balance around $200 before you start.

Here I have listed some Robots that not should be scams and hopfully will make som profit for you, but it is no guarantee!





Wallstreet  Forex Robot 2.0

Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0  Evolution have foreseen all that is needed to give you the opportunity of being one of the few profitable forex traders. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is an expert advisor that was tested on Live Real-Money Accounts BRFORE relese. Ever since the first time it was attached to a real money chart, it has had the benefit of multiple impovements and modifications that make it one of the best robots on the forex market today. A great benefit of WallStret Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution is that you can use it successfully with any MetaTrader 4 – based broker without wottying that spread widening would erode your profit, or that the broker would blacklist you as a damaging scalper.

Over 95% of Forex Market Participants Lose Money – This is Due to Several Basic Reasons:

  1. Insufficient experience
  2. No clear trading tactics proven to lead to success
  3. Poor trading discipline
  4. Poor risk management
  5. Intuitive trading
  6. Trading using forex robots developed by people with insufficient experience and professionalism
  7. Voluntaristic trading against the trend
  8. Failure to use defensive stops Stacking further losses to losing positions

Here is How WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution Elimintates all the Loss Making Reasons:

Reason 1 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution identifies and closes any deal in a 100% unbiased manner, never departing from its programmed trading logic: something of which even the most disciplined trader is incapable.

Reason 2 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution is based on the probably best time-proven trading method: LOW-RISK scalping following short and medium-term trends. This method has proven it worths ever since forex has been traded online. It generates millions of dollars of profit for the professional forex traders that use it. By using this uniquely stable trading principle which allows you to generate profits at low risk and enables you to become one of the few to boas forex trading sucess.

Reason 3 – Since WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution is a software product, it acts in a manner that is 100% unbiased at all times. WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution is not swayed by emotions, transient indispisitions or other negative factors and circumstances, assessing and performing each potentially profitable market situation entered in its program logic with 100% correctness and discipline.

Reason 4 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution has an in-built automatic risk-calcutating algorithm that automatically determines trading volumes on the basis of account risk percentage per individual deal. Moreover, there is an option to activate a unique algorithm to effectively compensate any current drawdown.

Reason 5 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution identifies and closes any deal in a 100% unbiased manner, never departing from its programmed trading logic: something of which even most disciplined trader is incapable.

Reason 6 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution was developed by a team of professional traders and software developers, each of whom has given the best of theor knowledge, skill and experience in designing this unique product.

Reason 7 – WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution opens positions against daily movements only where such moves have a high probability of succss and by keeping to a trading method which has proven itself over the years through use by many professional traders.

Reason 8 – As any professional trading system, WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution protects each position through defensive Stop Loss orders, making it impossible to lose an account in an individual transaction, as happens to all too many traders who fail to set defensive stops.’

Reason 9 – Probably the biggest mistake many traders make is to pile more and more on to lising positions in the hope that the market will turn. This, the major reason for account losses is one that WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution developers know all too well; they will never put you in this situation.


If you are looking for a Rock-Solid, and accurate & reliable trading tool that can profits in any currency market, WallStreet Forex Robot 2.o Evolution is the exact tool you need to multiply your trading profits!

Here is Why!

Real-Money Account: 112% PROFIT for 8 Months, fully verified Myfxbook Results!

Forex Megadroid

Forex Megadroid is a RCTPA – Artificial Intelligence Technology – Driven Robot. It is the only Forex Robot that has an in-built mechanism that allows it to be literally undetectable by Forex brokers. This is the first robot that can be traded without ANY Forex broker interfering with its incredible performance. Forex Megadroid is the only Forex Robot that sees into the immediate future with an uncanny accuracy rate. Every single other robot on the market will base its decisions on the past rather than the future. They simply can’t see what is coming and hence they are not accurate enough performance-wise.

The reason this robot is one of the few that is capable of actually achieving this feat is somply because of its advanced Artificial Intelligence break/through: RCTPA.

What does this mean? Well, 2 things:

  1. Megadroid is capable of accurately seeing into the immediate future….. whith a 95.86% accuracy rate, in fact.
  2. It is a MULTI-MARKET condition performer… in other words, it adapts itself to any and every market condition (the first robot that is capable of doing this)

Forex Megadorid™ is the direct outcome of 38 Years of Learning and Experiencing from seeing what works and what doesn’t.

There were 3 certainties when it came to Forex Robots:

  1. They all based their decisions on what happened in the past
  2. They all used outdated Artificial Intelligence Technology
  3. They all were prime targets for Forex brokers

The Forex Megadroid Robot has pushed the envelope, this is an industry revolutionizer and the most talked about robot on the market.


Since the launch of Forex Megadroid (30th March 2009) the robot has increased initial gains from 340,33% to 15,408.37%. That is a 15,068.04% Net Profit Increase in 2824 Days! 

From January 1st to launch (31st March) Forex Megadroid achieved an astounding 340.33% profit…. That is OVER 100% PER MONTH in pure profit, in other words an account which started trading with the robot at the beginning of the year could have TRIPLED in size……

Why? Because of 3 Sipmle and Plain FACTS:

  1. They Obviously demostrate the Forex Megadroid has been doing what it is supposed to du – use Advanced Artificial Intelligence Based on RCPTA Technology to produce outstanding monthly gains
  2. They are not “stand-alone” results. By this they mean that they are backed by 8 years of similar results in back-tests.
  3. They show indisputable proof that the RCTPA technology is new frontier in Forex trading, they show that it is possible to see into the immediate future with astounding accuracy.